Saturday, January 13, 2018

Postcard to Jaluit, Marshall Islands

What a destination!  A postcard sent from Pago Pago, American Samoa, a United States Possession, to the small Marshall Islands atoll named Jaluit.  Posted in December 1906, the card was quickly carried to Apia, Western Samoa where it probably sat waiting for a vessel bound for the Marshall Islands.  It was not delivered to Jaluit until 20 March 1907.

The German Empire purchased the Marshall Islands from Spain in 1885 and established a trading outpost on Jaluit Atoll.  This card is franked with a pair of 1¢ definitive Franklin stamps (Scott #300) to pay the UPU postcard rate of 2¢.

The postcard was sent to Carl Teschke, Captain of the SS Triton.  However, I have not been able to find further information on either the captain or the vessel.  Most likely one of the numerous small trade ships sailing the Pacific.

1907 UPU rate postcard from American Samoa to Jaluit, Marshall Island.
1907 UPU rate postcard from American Samoa to Jaluit, Marshall Island, Southseas.

Inner Harbour, Pago Pago (face of the card)

Map of postmarks on the card.

1) Dec ??, 1906, Pago, Pago
2) Dec 12, 1906, Apia, Samoa 
3) March 20, 1907, Jaluit, Marshall Inseln

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